It’s Not Me, It’s You.


I’ve worked for Henry Schein for nine years and it wasn’t until this past year that I finally broke up with my dentist. It was awkward, trust me. I’ve always been a technology fan and interested in the latest Apple product or latest obsession for my new home Nest. When I realized that my dentist did not have this same appreciation, I realized we might not be the right match.

Every time I went for a routine checkup I would ask my dentist about materials, which lab he used, if he bought materials from Henry Schein – I was THAT patient. It wasn’t until I needed x-rays that I realized he did not have a digital x-ray system. This got me thinking, “How can I – a marketing manager for Zahn Dental – who every day tries to communicate the power of digital technology and new materials, support a doctor that doesn’t even have a digital x-ray system?”

That was it. I reached out to a laboratory that I have a relationship with for a recommendation and made the switch to another dentist. Now, this isn’t a one man show where I took my “business” and only my business. This included the entire Kissin clan. On my way home from the dentist that night, I called my wife, my brother and my mother and demanded that they come with me. Because of my knowledge and understanding of what technology is available in the industry and the practice’s hesitation (for whatever reason) to adopt– they lost a total of six patients.

In my opinion, once the consumer becomes educated and aware of the advanced technology available to them in the dental office, we will see more adoption of digital technology amongst dental practices.

Take Dr. Ferencz’s practice located in Manhattan, for example:

Andrew Kissin
Marketing Manager
Zahn Dental

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  1. Absolutely true! It’s hard work to keep up and stay updated, it should be rewarded! And it’s in your benefit as a Patient too – less radiation with digital X-rays, your info more secure and so on! Great article!

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