SPECIAL EDITION: “5” stands for 5-axis, “D” stands for dry only.

Last week we hosted our National Sales Meeting in Texas, and we received several questions regarding the difference between the Roland DWX-51D mill and the old DWX-50. In case you were the one that asked or have the same question, we contacted our friends at Roland to clarify the key differences.

DWX-51D angle

Heavier than the DWX-50, the DWX-51D’s cabinet is primarily made out of metal instead of plastic. It has a C-shaped disc holder for the standard 98mm disc and the disc placement is more simplified and less prone to movement during the milling process. There are only two hex screws that tighten the disc in place.

This DWX-51D is ready to mill at any time due to its 10-tool holder, as compared to only 4 on the DWX-50. Three different tool sets are placed and ready to use due to this feature. You also get reduced user error with expensive tools. The 51D includes control software that directs the spindle to the desired tool position based on the material you select. The mill’s larger capacity results in a lower tool cost because tools are handled less. This reduces possible misplacement, chipping, or dropping.

Another difference is that the internal mill chamber has been designed to funnel debris to the bottom/back of the mill chamber. The floor of the mill chamber is on an angle and it ramps down towards the back of the mill. The suction hose in the 51D has increased from a 32mm in the DWX-50 to a 54mm diameter, which increases the airflow throughout the mill and triples the airflow through the hose.

The new mill adds an ionizer that reduces static electricity that helps keep the mill from actively attracting dust and debris to the inside chamber. The user has easy access to the spindle, which can be replaced when needed by the user, so there is no need to ship the mill to an authorized repair facility. This service is now an easy, do-it-yourself operation saving you time and money.

The DWX-50 had used wire cables for the functional movements of X, Y, and Z. Over time or with significant temperature change, the wires needed tension adjustments in the older mill. Instead, the 51D requires less frequent calibration due to its ball screw drive for these movements.

The industry’s best, 2-year factory warranty has not disappeared with the 51D. It is still included upon registration within 30-days of installation.

Happy milling!

Allison Burns
Marketing Associate
Zahn Dental

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