What’s On My Bench? With Lucas Lammott

What's On My Bench? With Lucas Lammott

We sat down with Lucas Lammott, owner of M31 Dental Studio in Danvers, Massachusetts to discuss his favorite tools that he uses daily as a technician and the essentials he keeps on his bench.

When first starting out as a lab technician, you are usually given basic tools that the lab already has in-house. However, when you develop your skills, you’ll be inclined to try new tools and products and find what works for you. “Make your bench your own so you feel comfortable – this will help you create your best work,” Lucas’ advice on how to begin finding the right tools for YOU and why it’s beneficial to do so.

Two important factors drive Lucas’ decisions on the tools and set up he uses: creativity and organization. Creativity is an important factor in making his bench and tools feel like his own. He enjoys unique and natural tools like wood and stone like owning a custom brush stand from an antique store. He also has an agate rock that he uses to mix stains on the side. Another unique item on his bench is a spin tray that you can put a hot tray on top of it because its stone absorbs heat. You don’t want to turn your honey comb tray because it will scratch and catch on things, so the spinning feature is really useful.

Organization is also an important factor when preparing your bench setup. When his bench gets chaotic, he keeps his brushes and tools out of the way when not using them so they aren’t getting pushed around and ruined.

Another favorite and useful tool of his is the Smile Line Smile light which works well when seeing patients throughout the day for custom shades and even at night when your eyes start to wear out on your and you’re tired, you can use this to check the shade of a crown you’re working on. It’s a color corrective light that is evenly spread. You can put a polarizing filter on it and it takes out all specular reflection. When not sitting, Lucas keeps this in his back pocket all day long.

Some of Lucas’ other favorite tools are listed below.

  1. Smile Line Wet Tray

A lot of ceramists either use a glass slab or a wet tray. Lucas prefers the wet tray, specifically from Smile Line. It’s not too big, the wet strips inside keep your porcelain wet and you can close it to keep the dust out. Lucas keeps a few different trays at one time so if he is working on multiple cases in different materials, he can keep all of them separate – the last thing you want to do is put metal ceramic powder on a lithium disilicate crown.

  1. Amann Girrbach’s Artex CR Articulator

A carbon fiber, lightweight articulator. It’s easy to use and can build up holding it. It comes with a kickstand too.

  1. Harvest Dental’s Contour Check

After texturing is done, it’s important to check contours and anatomy. This product comes in silver and gold and you put a very thin coat on the crown. When it dries, it shows all of the flaws needed to be corrected and then you can steam it off. It’s not messy.

  1. Harvest Dental’s Super Peg II

This props up your crown and keeps it from falling off the honeycomb. Lucas goes through these maybe every 2 weeks. He has had cracked crowns in the past, but never has while using the super peg.

  1. Coffee in your favorite mug and a book to keep you inspired and motivated!

What’s on your bench is all about keeping yourself inspired, having tools and a setup that fit you and your style. For more of what’s on Lucas’ bench, check out the full video here.

We’d love to hear about what’s on YOUR bench as well! Contact us and check out www.cap-us.com/mybench to share yours.

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