8 Steps To Become A Facebook Ad Campaign Pro


It’s no secret that Facebook advertising is part of all social media strategies and more and more businesses are reaching their customers through social media. If you want your content to reach your audience, it’s likely you will have to spend a little bit of your budget on paid Facebook advertising.

We’re here to help you get started.

How To Set Up A Facebook Ad Campaign

Step 1:

Create a goal. What are you aiming to achieve? It’s important you have something to measure your results against. Your goal could be increasing traffic to your website, increasing reach on your Facebook page or increasing engagement on your posts, or generating leads and obtaining new customers.

Step 2:

Facebook paid advertising is run through the Facebook Ads Manager tool. You can find this at www.facebook.com/ads or by clicking on the arrow in the upper right-hand corner on your Facebook homepage and clicking on ‘Advertising on Facebook.’ You can also find this by clicking on any ‘Promote Your Page’ call-to-actions on the website.

Once you get to the page, click on create an ad to get started.

Step 3:

Choose your objective. Facebook groups objectives into 3 categories: awareness, consideration, and conversion. Awareness objectives are those that increase brand awareness like promoting your Facebook page and increasing your reach ON Facebook. Consideration objectives are those that try to get your audience to learn more about your business like driving traffic to your website, boosting attendance at your event, or increasing video views. Lastly the conversion objectives are for those that know your business and are interested in purchasing from you.

Step 4:

After you name your campaign, you can customize your target audience. You can select an age range, gender, language, interests (Facebook pages that are liked), behaviors (purchase intent), connections (choose advanced targeting to include or exclude people connected to certain pages or events), and even go as far as choosing a location by country, state, zip, address, or mile radius.

It is recommended that you choose a narrow, more specific reach rather than a broad or general reach in order for your ad to perform better.

Step 5:

Set your budget. Your budget is the maximum amount you want to spend on the entire campaign. You can set this to a daily budget which is the average you will spend a day or a lifetime budget which is the maximum you will spend during the campaign duration. This is where you will select your start and end date as well.

Step 6:

Choose your image(s) or video, headline, body text, and where your ad will be displayed on Facebook. You can either boost a post you had previously published in which you would select ‘use existing post’ and choose which page it was located on.

Your second option is to create a post from scratch and first you would select a format. You could choose a carousel that includes 2 or more images/videos that scroll through, a single image that you can create 6 variations of your ad with, a single video, a slideshow loop with up to 10 images, or a canvas that acts as a story combining images and videos. When you go to add in copy and images, Facebook will provide you with the recommended sizes. Usually for images it is 1200 x 628 pixels.

Step 7:

Choose where you want your ad to appear. You can place them in Facebook’s mobile newsfeed, desktop newsfeed and right column or on Instagram. If your goal is to drive traffic to your website, it’s recommended you only choose Facebook.

Step 8:

Click on ‘place order’ button and Facebook will review your ad. You should receive an email when it’s live.

Allison Burns
Marketing Associate
Zahn Dental

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