Top 5 Must Haves To Help Your Lab Thrive with Frank Bulfamante

After spending 15 years on Wall Street, Frank Bulfamante joined Henry Schein in 2011 as a Dental Field Sales Consultant. After completing his MBA, he transitioned to Zahn Dental as a Strategic Business Manager. Frank works with the management team to analyze and understand the dental landscape to help Henry Schein better serve its customers.

We sat down with Frank and he discussed his idea of the top 5 must-haves for any lab in today’s ever-changing industry in order for them to be the most efficient, successful, and help your business and lab thrive.

Diversify Your Offerings

“Just as your investment portfolio needs diversity, to protect against downturns, so does your business. Digital labs have the ability to move into so many product offerings – don’t stifle your own growth by limiting what you offer your dentists. This is the key to differentiation!”

Cross Market

“Often times, we assume that if a doctor isn’t buying from you, they aren’t buying it. This is almost never the case. Make sure your customers are aware of EVERYTHING your lab offers. Offer all your customers an incentive to try you for other categories.”

Retain Business

“More and more dental practices are forming or joining groups. Try and be the “connector between practices being acquired and practices doing the acquiring. It’s the best way to ensure you don’t lose the business after your doctor sells the practice.”

Place a Value On Your Services

“How many times have you sat chairside with a doctor during a difficult procedure? Your time and expertise has value, make sure your doctors know it! Even if you don’t charge for it, include a retail value for your time so doctors understand the added value of doing business with you.”


“Great customers tend to associate with like-minded people. Don’t be shy about asking for referrals. After a customer thanks you, tell them that the best thank you they could give is a referral to a dentist just like them.”


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Marketing Associate

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