Top 5 Must-Haves To Help Your Lab Thrive with Ryan Knight

Ryan is a seasoned support professional with over a decade of experiencing working in technical support roles, dedicating himself to customer satisfaction. He first started in digital dentistry in 2009 at Brontes Technologies/3M as the Support Team Lead for the Lava Chairside intra-oral scanner and was later promoted to Applications Engineer. He Joined CAP in August 2013 to continue driving CAP’s overall customer initiatives including Technical Support, Equipment Repair, and Training, and is continuing this role since joining with Henry Schein/Zahn Dental team in the summer of 2016. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Information Technology. Ryan has previously worked for many high tech software companies in various industries including staffing and recruiting, hospitality, and renewable energy.

We sat down with Ryan and he discussed his idea of the top 5 must-haves for any lab in today’s ever-changing industry in order for them to be the most efficient, successful, and help your business and lab thrive.

1.  Take Care of Your Computer

“If your computer isn’t working, neither will your equipment. It’s important to maintain your system cleanup old files at least every 6 months to ensure peak performance. Try backing up old cases and files onto an external hard drive to create more disk space on your computer while conserving old useful files you don’t want to lose.”

2. Maintenance

“Aside from your mill and other equipment being clean, maintenance is just as important. Ignoring daily/weekly/monthly maintenance can lead to mismilled units with quality issues or worse, mill failure. It’s best to have a dated worksheet near the equipment showing the schedule of all maintenance being done on the machine; that way everyone is on the same page and is aware of the equipment’s status and maintenance routine.”

3. Clean Your Mill

“It’s one thing to have the latest CAD/CAM equipment; it’s another thing when you take poor care of them. Zirconia dust can build up in the mill and get inside of everything. If not cleaned on a regular basis; problems will occur, which may lead to expensive repairs and less time manufacturing.”

4. Organize Your Lab/Office

“To help ensure 100% efficiency in the workplace, organizing your lab is critical. It’s as simple as color-coding your labels when logging your cases. A visual cue like this can help you easily prioritize and group cases together.”

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5. Train Your Staff

“No one can doubt the importance of education, especially when you’re training a customer. But training your internal staff is just as important; making sure they are equipped with the knowledge they need to operate the machines as well as teaching people how to use them. That’s what makes you one step ahead of your competitors.”

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