What’s On My Bench? With Kris Schermerhorn

Kris Schermerhorn of Northern Virginia Dental lab walks us through the benches in his lab, as well as his favorite products and tried-and-true workflows.

As a dental lab technician, you probably wear many different hats and therefore have multiple different benches. Kris has three different benches: an ordering and paying bills bench, a digital work and designing bench, and a finishing bench.

Organizing your cases is important. A good way to find out what needs to be scanned in and communicated is with card catalogs to help get the correct information passed on to the technician. Kris finds having these especially important for certain cases. Zirlux Acetal, a millable resin, is tricky because you can create temporaries, bite splints, night guards and frameworks from the material, so it is important to have that information from the start. These card catalogs have pan number, doctor and patient name, crown file number, crown shade, puck shade, whether it’s a regular zirconia or high-translucent zirconia, whether it needs to be scanned in the soft tissue and the opposing, and a place to mark which tooth is to be done.

One thing that Kris has learned is that you should have your design technicians do some of the finishing even if they just finish a few cases because it really helps dial them in and make their designing that much better.

Watch the full video of Kris’ workflow as well as others at: www.cap-us.com/mybench

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