10 Tips To Improve Your Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Tips

Think about how many emails you get a day and how many you delete without even bothering to open them. Chances are you have more than one email too. Going through emails can be a pain – people wonder if it’s still an effective marketing method. Email marketing isn’t going away and it’s hard to figure out how to minimize people losing your email in their inbox or spam folders. Even if someone opens your email, it doesn’t mean they will actually open your email. How does one make sure his or her email is being seen? Here are 10 tips you can start applying to your email marketing now that will improve your open and click through rates.

  1. Send emails from a personalized account

You can increase your open rates by sending from a specific contact’s email rather than a general email address of your lab, or a no-reply or customer care email.

  1. Stop sending emails on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays!

These days are the most popular days for other businesses to send emails and your customers may already be over-saturated. Try sending on Mondays, Fridays or Saturdays for a better chance of your customers opening your emails.

  1. Stick to ONE call-to-action

Your call-to-action (CTA) should be located above the “fold” of the email meaning a customer should not have to scroll down to find it. This CTA should be an action verb with a recommended 90 to 150 characters and should create a sense of urgency for your customer to take chosen action. Keep your email sweet, short and to the point as it’s human nature to skim emails before taking action. If your email contains too much copy, it can trigger spam filters as well.

  1. Stop sending to non-engaged customers

Gray mail is any email sent to a recipient that provided you with their information and they receive your emails, but don’t open or interact with them. This will hurt your open rates.

  1. Add alt text to CTA buttons and images!

Sometimes an email client blocks images so your customer won’t be able to view them when opening your email. By adding alt text to your images and buttons, the customer can see where they have to click to take further action and understand your message. You can do this by editing the email in the rich text editor (while building the email) or if you build your emails by HTML editor, you can add the code, ‘alt-text=”INSERT ALT TEXT HERE”/>, after the image link and image source HTML.

  1. Add social sharing buttons in the body of your email

Most of the time your email is opened, action is taken or not, and your email is never looked at again. Extend the life of your email’s content by adding social sharing buttons that allows your content to be seen by a wider audience. Remember that sharing buttons are different than follow buttons. Sharing means the recipient can pass along the URL of the content, not just like or follow your business on social media.

  1. Edit the plain-text version of your email

Some of your customers won’t receive your email as you designed it because of the email client they use or because they opt into only viewing messages as plain text. Be sure to replace all URLs with shortened links, remove any extra text, and fix formatting for a clear, concise message. Don’t change the copy too much or your email might be marked as spam.

  1. Content should include more education rather than promotion

A popular type of email to send out is a newsletter. Newsletters should stick to one vertical topic and it’s recommended that it be 90% educational and 10% promotional. You want to provide valuable content to your audience such as tips, free resources, how-to guides and videos instead of trying to sell your business and product or services.

  1. Provide clear expectations to new subscribers

You should email your new subscribers with what information that they can expect to receive from your emails moving forward and how often they will be hearing from you.

  1. Be CAN-SPAM compliant

Somewhere in your message you must include your valid physical postal address – we recommend including in your footer. The intention of the email and any advertised offers should be clearly stated. Your opt-outs must be opted out within 10 days of the recipient unsubscribing and there must be a clear and easy button to do so. The ‘from’ sender of the email as well as the subject line must also be clear.

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Marketing Associate

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